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5 Styling tips on your next travel

When going on a trip, we are usually overwhelmed with our itinerary, what to bring, the money we need to spend, where to stay, and the like. And most of the time we tend to take for granted what clothes or shall I say - our OOTD (outfit of the day) would be. (smiling)

I am the type of woman who is a minimalist when it comes to style and fashion. But just because we are going on a trip, it doesn’t mean that we should look unstylish. We must also give efforts in planning what are the clothes we need to wear every day, right?

Being stylish while traveling does not mean that you have to bring a lot of clothes with you. I also don’t want to bring along a lot of things with me because it is still important to travel light.

But did you know that with just a few clothes with you, you can still make it stylish and fashionable?

Here are some styling tips I share with you while traveling:

Hats and beanies

Our goal of course is to keep it light as much as possible while being fashionable and stylish. Hats and beanies are essentials when traveling. No need to bring a lot just to pair it with your outfit for the day.

Hats and beanies can be stylish with casual clothes and yes even for formal occasions. The best part of it, they are lightweight and can protect you from cold and even hot weather.

They are a great addition as accessories when you go out for a stroll and visit different places or having a dinner during the evenings.


While it seemed like a simple garment, t-shirts are so versatile that you can use them on any occasion and make them look great and appropriate.

For casual day-outs, pair it with some comfortable pants or leggings. Choose your favorite sneakers or sandals. Tuck the shirt in your pants to elevate the look and focus on your waist.

Who says you can’t use it during parties or evening wear? Huh! You can use your t-shirt while attending on these occasions.

Transform your regular t-shirts by pairing them with a killer satin skirt or light, soft pants. Then you can choose to tuck in the shirt or tie it in a knot. To make a knot, take the lower end of the t-shirt and twist until it looks like a rope. Wrap around your fingers and secure it using a rubber band. You can place it in the knot in the middle, side, or even make a crop top. Awesome, right?


You have a lot of options when it comes to choosing pants to bring along. But of course, you don’t need to bring a lot. You might want to include some soft pants, jeans, leggings, or casual jogging pants.

Leggings are comfortable while sitting in cars or trains for hours. You can also move freely, and black leggings can hide occasional stains or dirt made from snacks or soils. They are also great for fall, spring, or winter season.

Pair it with shirts, long-sleeves, or blouses and they will look great. You can use sneakers, rubber shoes, sandals, and even flats for a daily stroll.

Dark-colored jeans are my go-to pants because they are versatile. Whether dark blue, black, or navy – it can fit in any formal or casual gatherings. Use it wearing a blazer when going out for a fancy dinner. Layer it with a t-shirt and jacket for everyday use and you will look awesome while shopping or strolling around.


Having at least one dress is important when traveling as well. This can go in handy especially when there is a ‘surprise’ formal attire occasion you must attend.

Choose a dress that is wrinkle-free and as much as possible, black. Well, this is just my option because black is versatile. (winking) I also make sure that my dress is stretchable to keep its shape and hug my body well. Makes me look voluptuous too. (lol)

But aside from fitting well with formal occasions, you can still use it for day and casual wear. Just wear it with some good ‘ole sneakers or rubber shoes and you can pull it off perfectly!


A little bag will not be good enough especially when traveling. Haha, believe me, I knew it all too well. A useful, large bag will help you in putting all your essentials while traveling.

Makeup kit for your touch-up, alcohol or hand sanitizers, wipes, and yes, don’t forget your snacks and drinks will fit in on your trusty bag.

I usually have a large bag when I travel. I am a girl scout at heart, so I want to make sure that all my essentials are with me especially when emergencies happen. You can’t be too careful when going on a trip, right?

I bring along a small medical kit in case I get sick while traveling. My phone, makeup kit, sunglasses, hair ties, sunscreen, notebooks and pens (to write down my memories, hehe), and even an umbrella because you will never know when it would rain!

These are the things that I want to make sure to be available when I travel – oh and yes, I have a small fanny pack to keep my valuables like money and IDs.

But don’t think they will bring your style down. On the contrary, it can add up to your fashion while being useful at the same time.

Ah, the joy of traveling! If you are a first-time traveler, you may find it overwhelming to plan everything. But as you get used to doing it all the time, just like me, you will find it fun and exciting. Moreso, you can check out my online shop to look for your favorite stylish shirts, bags, jackets, and pants – everything you might need as your OOTD!

See you around!

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