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About Jasmin Joy

I’m Jasmin and I’m 40 plus with travel fever in my blood. I’m also a mother, full time accountant, wine lover and never say no to a good meal. You will see me quite often at Starbucks… with a Chai Latte, lactose-free, of course. 

When I was 17 years young I took my first solo travel. London caught my attention as the city of museums and shopping possibilities. Back then my friends were stuck either in school, had no time or simply couldn’t afford to travel. That was the first moment I really felt the urge to travel alone and what led to the main idea behind my blog: as a female you can conquer this world solo!

Show off your wanderlust, at home or on the road, while you dream of your next triumph: discovering an amazing little pastry shop… finding the perfect travel T-shirt (the kind you really miss on laundry day!)… fitting everything into your travel bag on the first try. Whatever journey you can dream up next, you know it will be good. Because an adventure always awaits, just around the corner.

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Jasmin Joy